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One associate of ‘Podi Lassie’ and another arrested

Batapola Police have arrested an associate of the underworld criminal ‘Podi Lassie’ and another person with a firearm who were travelling in a van with a firearm on their way to carry out a murder.

An operation is underway under the advice of the Senior Deputy Inspector General in charge of the Southern Province, Ajith Rohana, to arrest the killing spree in and around Ambalangoda and to track down the killers.

Accordingly, a team of officers, including Batapola Police Station who were manning a sudden roadblock on Aluthwala Road in Batapola yesterday morning, signaled a suspicious van travelling on the road, to stop for checking. The van defied the order and drove forward at high speed. Then the police officers had chased the suspect’s van for about five kilometres in their vehicle and motorcycles and stopped the van at Gonapinuwala area and arrested two people who were travelling in the van. During the search, a revolver was discovered in their possession with ammunition loaded in that weapon.

In addition, three grams of the drug Avis and 100 grams of Kerala Cannabis were also found in their possession. Police said that one of these suspects is an associate of gangster ‘Podi Lassie’.

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