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Request to increase allowance of PMB warehouse caretakers

Caretakers who have been appointed on a casual basis at Paddy Marketing Board regional warehouses who are currently receiving a monthly allowance of Rs.7,500 have requested that it be increased to Rs. 10,000, said Paddy Marketing Board (PMB) Chairman Neil de Alwis.

Agriculture Minister Mahinda Amaraweera has instructed the PMB that the monthly allowance paid to casual caretakers is insufficient.

As most of the paddy stores are set up away from public places, sometimes cases of vandalism of paddy stores are reported.

Such incidents have been reported from time to time after the Paddy Marketing Board started purchasing paddy.

About two weeks ago, a warehouse belonging to the Paddy Marketing Board in the Dambulla area was broken into and 200 bags were stolen. The police arrested the thieves and took legal action within a few days.

As such incidents are reported from time to time, the Minister advised the Paddy Marketing Board to strengthen the security of paddy warehouses. Attention has been paid to increase the allowance given to the caretakers who are appointed on a casual basis and to deploy them for the security of the respective warehouses.

The PMB Chairman says that the services of these caretakers are required only when paddy is purchased by the Paddy Marketing Board.

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