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NATA welcomes tobacco price increase

The National Authority on Tobacco and Alcohol (NATA) yesterday appreciated the decision taken by the Government to increase the tobacco and alcohol tax through the recently announced Interim Budget proposals and said this tax increase has automatically affected the price of cigarettes and alcohol.

Accordingly the price of each category of cigarettes was increased by Rs. 3, Rs.5, Rs. 10 and Rs.15 with effect from September 1.

Speaking to the Daily News NATA Chairman Dr. Samadhi Rajapaksa thanked authorities for this tax increase and said unlike earlier, cigarette smoking and liquor consumption has drastically reduced in the country, according to recent research.

He said that NATA often strongly voices the importance of banning tobacco and alcohol consumption in the country.

“Unlike earlier, now no one smokes cigarettes in public places such as on roads, in boutiques, restaurants, cinema halls, public transport and so on,” Dr. Rajapaksa said.

“We have taken steps to discourage people from consuming alcohol and that effort has been successful to a great extent, since the majority of the younger generation has completely refrained from using alcohol,” he said.Dr. Rajapaksa further said around six Sri Lankans die every day due to smoking and accordingly the deaths of nearly 23,000 Sri Lankans are reported every year due to tobacco smoking.

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