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Body found in Galkiriyagama

Galkiriyagama Police found the body of a 40-year-old man whose throat had been cut in a jungle behind the Kiralava Temple, Kiranegama, Galkiriyagama, on Thursday evening .

According to Kiranegama Police, Liyanagedara Sanjeeva Ruwan Kumara, a resident of Devahuwa, Makulugaswewa, had been killed in this way.

Based on a phone call by Kiranegama Police day before yesterday (8) regarding the murdered person, a team of police officers found the body during their investigation in the area behind Kiranegama temple.

Police said that the murder was allegedly carried out by two people who involved in drug trafficking.

Police said that the two suspects have fled the area and an investigation is underway to take them into custody.

The on-site magisterial inquiry regarding this murder was conducted by the Kekirawa Magistrate.

Investigations are continuing.

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