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King Charles III, the new monarch

King Charles III ascended to the throne after the passing of his mother Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday.
King Charles III ascended to the throne after the passing of his mother Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday.

UK: With the Passing of the Queen, the throne passed immediately and without ceremony to the heir, Charles, the former Prince of Wales.

He will be known as King Charles III. That was the first decision of the new king's reign.

A notice announcing the death of Queen Elizabeth II is placed on the gate of Buckingham Palace in London, Britain, on Thursday. 

Although he is heir to the throne, Prince William will not automatically become Prince of Wales - that will have to be conferred on him by his father. He has inherited his father's title of Duke of Cornwall - William and Kate are now titled Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and Cambridge.

There is also a new title for Charles' wife, Camilla, who becomes the Queen Consort - consort is the term used for the spouse of the monarch. It is expected that Charles will be officially proclaimed King on Saturday. This will happen at St James's Palace in London, in front of a ceremonial body known as the Accession Council. After a fanfare of trumpeters, a public proclamation will be made declaring Charles as the new King. This will be made from a balcony above Friary Court in St James's Palace, by an official known as the Garter King of Arms.

He will call: "God save the King", and for the first time since 1952, the national anthem will be played with the words "God Save the King". Gun salutes will be fired in Hyde Park, the Tower of London and from naval ships, and the proclamation announcing Charles as the King will be read in in Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast.

The symbolic high point of the accession will be the coronation, when Charles is formally crowned. Because of the preparation needed, the coronation is not likely to happen very soon after Charles's accession - Queen Elizabeth succeeded to the throne in February 1952, but was not crowned until June 1953.

For the past 900 years the coronation has been held in Westminster Abbey - William the Conqueror was the first monarch to be crowned there and Charles will be the 40th. It is an Anglican religious service, carried out by the Archbishop of Canterbury. At the climax of the ceremony, he will place St Edward's Crown on Charles's head - a solid gold crown, dating from 1661.

This is the centrepiece of the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London, and is only worn by the monarch at the moment of coronation itself (not least because it weighs a hefty 2.23kg - almost 5lbs). Charles has become head of the Commonwealth, an association of 56 independent countries and 2.4 billion people. For 14 of these countries, as well as the UK, the King is head of state. - BBC NEWS

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