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Funds from seized Kerosene to be deposited in CAA’s Fund

Anuradhapura Additional Magistrate Rudrika De Silva Hevawasam ordered that the 5,000 litres of Kerosene seized by the Consumer Affairs Authority, which was hidden for the purpose of selling it at a higher price, should be sold after calling bids through newspaper notices and the money earned from the sale should be deposited in the Consumer Affairs Authority’s (CAA) Fund.

She made this order to the Head of the Consumer Affairs Authority’s Anuradhapura District Office.

When the case was recalled on September 9 through a motion, Senior Counsel Ariyaratne Wickrimaarachchi, who appeared for the suspects, told the court that it has been six months since the fuel stocks belonging to the suspects were seized. The lawyer also requested the court to give permission to the suspects to sell the stock of Kerosene.

Rejecting the lawyer’s request, the Magistrate ordered the Chief of the Anuradhapura District Office of the Consumer Affairs Authority, to publish advertisements in newspapers in all three languages, Sinhala, Tamil and English, and sell the sealed stock and the money earned from it to be deposited in the Consumer Service Authority’s fund. The Magistrate warned the suspects not to influence or threaten the officers of the Consumer Affairs Authority and warned that if it is reported that they have done so, the prescribed bail will be canceled and the court will punish them severely.

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