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Policeman involved in shooting incident suspended

A Policeman involved in a shooting incident in Ranminithenna where a 17-year-old youth was injured when Police opened fire at a three wheeler which fled without heeding to  their call to stop has been suspended from services temporarily. The incident had happened on September 8 near the Ranminithenna junction on the Tissamaharama Kataragama main road.

The three wheeler driver was returning at night after getting fuel for his vehicle in Pulpally.

He had been ordered to stop by Police officers manning the Police post near the Ranminithenna junction. However, as the trishaw had fled without heeding the Police order the said Police officer had fired at the three-wheeler.

The 17-year-old son of the driver who was in the back seat of the three-wheeler, was hit by the bullet on his left shoulder.

Tissamaharama Police stated that the three-wheeler driver was drunk at the time of the shooting. Police are investigating.

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