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Bourse closes negative

Colombo bourse closed negative after gaining in the last four sessions as the government debt office offered 75 billion rupees in a bond auction.

Thus, All-Share Price Index decreased by 64.1 points (-0.7%) to close at 9,749.1 for the day whilst S& P SL20 Index also dropped by 23.5 points (-0.7%) to close at 3,133.2. Ceylinco Insurance, Royal Ceramics, LOLC Holdings,, Lanka IOC and Aitken Spence Hayleys and Richard Pieris remained as the top negative contributors to the ASPI during the day.

Further, the broader market’s total turnover stood at Rs. 3,773.9 mn against the 12-month average daily turnover of Rs. 4,277.6 mn, whilst the volume traded for the day was 152,205.2k against the 12-month average daily volume of 205,310.7k. Capital Goods, Diversified Financials and Insurance mostly contributed to yesterday’s turnover.

The top turnover generators for yesterday were Watawala Plantations Rs. 518.9 mn (+8.1%), Lanka IOC Rs.507.9 mn (+4.7%), Expolanka Holdings Rs. 278.3 mn (-1.9%), CIC Holdings (Non-Voting) Rs. 168.6 mn (+2.2%) and ACL Cables Rs. 149.7 mn (-0.5%). Foreigners recorded a net inflow of Rs. 108.9 mn yesterday.

Foreign purchases stood at Rs.151.9 mn whilst total foreign sales amounted to Rs.43.0 mn. Top foreign buying counters EXPO LKR. 68.8 mn, CIC LKR.13.8 mn, MELS LKR. 13.0 mn, BALA LKR. 8.2 mn, LGIL LKR. 6.0 mn and UAL LKR. 6.0 mn whilst top foreign selling counters were KOTA LKR. (12.3) mn, JKH LKR. (11.9) mn, KCAB LKR. (6.3) mn, CIC LKR. (2.3) mn, CCS LKR. (2.0) mn and RWSL LKR. (0.8) mn. Further, off-board transaction was witnessed in Watawala Plantations (Rs.340.4 mn) yesterday.

Additionally, SMB leasing (Voting and Non-Voting), Mercantile Shipping, Shalimar (Malay), The Autodrome and Ceylon Hotels Corp. were the top price gainers yesterday whilst Balangoda Plantations, Samson International, Myland Developments, Singer Industries and Dolphin Hotels were the top price losers. Further, Industrial Asphalts, Browns Investments, Kotagala Plantations, SMB leasing (Non-Voting) and Alumex PLC were amongst the most actively traded stocks yesterday.

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