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Youth who hijacked bus to see girlfriend sent home, parents warned

The 17-year-old boy who was arrested for driving a bus without the owner’s permission to see his girlfriend (15) at Piliyandala on Sunday had been handed over to his parents after being produced in the Kesbewa Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

 He had been severely warned and also the magistrate had ordered probation officers to monitor his activities.

The magistrate had warned the parents that if their child is arrested for a similar offence again, they too might get arrested.

The suspect had driven this bus when it had been parked in the Piliyandala bus stand by its driver, who had joined his colleagues to watch the final match at the town.

As reported, this is the second time he had hijacked a bus to go and see his girlfriend, where a similar incident was reported in the Homagama area about a year ago.

According to Police, several buses had been parked in the premises. However, the suspect had driven the bus of which the key had been left by the driver.The driver of the bus had later lodged a complaint with the Police and accordingly, the suspect was arrested with the bus by the Piliyandala Police at a roadblock while he was returning to Piliyandala after about three hours.

The suspect is a resident of Mattegoda.

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