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Human Development Index (HDI) 2021/22 by UNDP:

Sri Lanka ranks 73 out of 191 countries

Sri Lanka has ranked 73 out of 191 countries scoring 0.782 points in the Human Development Index (HDI) 2021/22 issued by the UNDP.

The HDI 2021/22 report released by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) on September 8, 2022 recorded that Sri Lanka has improved its ranking by two places since 2020. Sri Lanka is listed under the ‘High Development’ category.

As per the report, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Sri Lanka had scored 0.780 points. According to the report, between 1990 and 2021, Sri Lanka’s HDI value has changed from 0.636 to 0.782. It is a change of 23 percent. Since the year 2015, Sri Lanka moved nine places up in the HDI.

The report further said that, “Between 1990 and 2021, Sri Lanka's life expectancy at birth changed by 4.5 years, mean years of schooling changed by 2.7 years and expected years of schooling changed by 2.9 years. Sri Lanka's GNI per capita changed by about 226.1 percent between 1990 and 2021.”

According to the report, life expectancy at birth is 76.4 years, expected years of schooling 14.1 years, mean years of schooling 10.8 years and the gross national income per capita is 12,578 dollars.

According to the report, Sri Lanka ranks below Seychelles (72), and above Bosnia and Herzegovina (74). Switzerland, Norway, and Iceland tops the HDI ranking.

In comparison, while Sri Lanka recorded an increase of 0.002, Bangladesh has recorded 0.006 points in the HDI. Meanwhile, India records a drop in the points by 0.009 and Nepal by a 0.002.

The Human Development for males is higher than for females, where the HDI value for males is 0.795, while for females it is 0.755.

Under the Gender Inequality Index (GII), Sri Lanka ranks 91 from the list of 191 countries and secures a value of 0.383.


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