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Mobile use for children should be restricted - Physician

Excessive use by those under 12 harmful for brain:

Use of mobile phones by children below 12 should be limited to two hours per day as the excessive use could be harmful to their brain development process and vision, Consultant Physician, Dr. Waruna Gunathilake said.

He told the Daily News that children in the ages from 1 to 12 years are vulnerable for screen addiction which causes concentration issues, irritation, aggressive conduct, isolation and impacts on their ability to make proper decisions.

He said that children and adults using a desktop computer or a laptop by maintaining a distance of 18 inches between the screen and the eyes is the medically recommended method to use a computer.

Using mobile phones for several hours a day can cause vision-related issues as it cannot be used at a distance of 18 inches and therefore, it is recommended for the children to use a desktop computer or a similar wider screen for their studies, Dr.Gunathilake said.

Meanwhile, the doctor said that mobile phones should be kept away from the children for at least two hours during lunch time.

Adults using mobile phones for a long time before sleep causes numerous health issues, the doctor said.

He said a child or an adult needs to have seven-hours sleep at night in order to maintain a healthy body. Also, they should not use mobile phones two hours before sleep and should keep them switched-off and about five feet away from the body during sleep.

Changes in the sleeping pattern can cause high-cholesterol, obesity and changes in the lipid profile, he further pointed out.

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