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Realigning for rejuvenation: HNB redefines brand identity

Jonathan Alles Managing Director/CEO, HNB
Jonathan Alles Managing Director/CEO, HNB

Crossing another significant milestone in its decade long transformational journey, Sri Lanka’s leading private sector bank, HNB PLC, announced the launch of a new brand identity representing a new paradigm in tech-empowered, people-centric banking.

Backed by extensive modifications to its core banking systems and a holistic talent developmentprogramme, HNB’s new brand identity is designed to showcase a novel, updated approach to banking that delivers convenient, seamless solutions that are designed to delight customers in addition to reliably fulfilling their every banking need.

“We are thrilled to unveil our vibrant new brand identity, and with it, an updated look and feel to our banking services. The changes that you see being rolled out across our branch network, and all of our digital and social presence represents the culmination of a decade of hard work and dedication from our teams to embrace change, in order to deliver the next evolution of banking in Sri Lanka.

“At a time when Sri Lanka’s economy stands at a crucial juncture, our choice to move ahead with this next phase in our transformational journey is aimed not only at inspiring our own team and celebrating the incredible progress that they have achieved over the past decade, but also for our customers, and our nation. With the launch of this updated brand identity, and all of the transformation that we have undergone to get to this point, we hope our message is clear. Despite it all, HNB is bullish on Sri Lanka’s future, and we are committed to continue serving as a true partner in progress to all Sri Lankans,” HNB Managing Director/CEO, Jonathan Alles stated.

HNB’s transformation agenda has been focused on key pillars of business growth, customer experience, productivity, people development and tech enablement within a framework of business sustainability.

Accordingly, the bank underwent a strategic reform to its governance, compliance and risk management structures and took bold strides in centralisation as early as 2003 to obtain the ISO 9001 certification in 2004. Thereafter, the bank rapidly centralisedcore banking operations, establishing centralised hubs for retail credit, collections, recoveries, credit operations, credit administration and secure repository.

In 2013, HNB set up a Process Improvement and Change Management Department, responsible for re-engineering age-old processes handed down through generations. The centralised hubs were then fitted with the skills necessary to free up the branch network and engage in quality customer interactions.

Most importantly, the launch of Project Everest, which commenced in 2018 to drive the digital transformation of banking by designing products and services, while enhancing capacity within its teams and updating its culture to be future-ready. COVID disruptions served to further accelerate the bank’s digital transformation in order to provide expanded access to contactless banking solutions, payments and settlements. HNB also expedited the development of its mobile wallet HNB SOLO, while carving out digital layers to create safe and secure work from home systems to provide essential banking services.

“For the better part of a decade, HNB has been on an ambitious journey to redefine ourselves, and in the process, establish a new paradigm for banking excellence, not just in Sri Lanka, but across the Asian region as well. From being a bank known only for its legacy, we wanted to make the difficult changes needed to be a bank that was focused and ready for the future.

“Our new brand identity is a symbol of this future, in which all Sri Lankans, from retail customers to entrepreneurs and SMEs, and large corporates, are able to access our services anywhere, at anytime, and be assured of a vibrant, energetic, and effective service,” Alles added.

Most recently, HNB sealed its reputation as Sri Lanka’s undisputed leader in retail banking, having been crowned as the Best Retail Bank in Sri Lanka for the 12th occasion at the prestigious International Excellence in Retail Financial Services Awards 2022 hosted by the Asian Banker Magazine.

HNB is also among Sri Lanka’s most awarded banks, having been being ranked among the Banker Magazine’s Top 1,000 Global Banks for six consecutive years, as well as being adjudged Best Retail and SME Bank at the International Finance Awards 2021 and being ranked among Sri Lanka’s Most Admired Companies for the 4th consecutive year.

The bank’s dedicated fitness related product, HNB FIT, was crowned the ‘Best IoT initiative’ at the Asian Digital Finance Forum and Awards. Hosted by the Asian FinTech Academy (AFTA), the forum recognised and awarded organisations and impactful individuals who drive innovation in the digital sphere.

The digitally-savvy bank further consolidated its position at the LankaPayTechnnovation Awards 2022, where it bagged four top awards. HNB was awarded the prestigious Bank of the Year for Financial Inclusivity and Bank of the Year for Excellence in Customer Convenience titles, in addition to being presented with the Silver award for ‘Financial Institution of the Year for Best Digital Payment Strategy’ and Bronze for ‘Overall Award - Excellence in Interbank Digital Payments’ (Banking Institutions) this year.

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