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Member with knife inside Balangoda MC creates uproar

A member of the Balangoda Municipal Council who brandished a Rambo-type pointed knife at the monthly meeting caused unrest in the council.

The councillor representing the Sri Lanka Freedom Party, who was a former chairman, had been in the assembly for a while and when he got up to leave, he had taken out a pointed knife which had been tied to his leg under his sarong and brandished it. Expressing her views on this incident, Balangoda Urban Councillor Sunethra D. Weerasinghe of the United National Party said that bringing in weapons to the meetings by senior councillors was a threat to the lives of everyone at the assembly.

Councillor, M. Chandralatha (Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna) said that she strongly condemns intimidating members by bringing in knives and that councillors should have the opportunity to express their views freely, in the assembly. Balangoda Urban Council Chairman Wasantha Kumara Gunaratne said that he also strongly condemns the former chairman behaving in this manner. He said further that protecting every councillor was his responsibility.

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