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Peradeniya students to earn some pocket money

The university administration has decided to provide a part-time employment opportunity of 13 hours per month for all students studying in the Peradeniya University.

Under this programme, implemented for the first time in a universityin Sri Lanka, one student will be paid Rs.350.00 for one hour of work. University Vice-Chancellor Prof. M.D.Lamawansa said that the University Alumni Association has taken the initiative to implement this programme. These part-time job appointments are to be given to students for providing non-academic services in the university and for knowledge exchange through the internet.

The Vice-Chancellor stated that students are under a lot of stress in the face of the social and economic crisis that has arisen in the country and under the new programme, while some income will be received, on the other hand, the monotony of student life will be reduced to a certain extent.


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