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Public servants allowed no pay leave for five years

The Public Administration, Home Affairs, Provincial Councils and Local Government Ministry yesterday issued a Circular granting permission for no-pay leave for public servants,

upto a maximum of five years, to “engage in an activity in the country, which is productive in economic terms, or to serve in institutions outside the public service”.

It will not cause any prejudice to the seniority and pension of public servants.

Applications will be reviewed by a Committee. It will assess the human resources required to ensure continuous service delivery by the ministry, and identify the service categories and posts for which replacements or substitutions cannot be made and for which scientific and technological knowledge is an essential condition. It will grant no-pay leave after an in-depth study so that service delivery is not disrupted through restructuring.

Under this move,public servants can work in the private sector, engage in agriculture or self employment or initiate a start-up by obtaining no-pay leave. The Ministry previously approved a similar scheme for public servants to work abroad. The intention of both schemes is to reduce the public sector wage bill. Officers under probation period can also apply to this scheme, if they do not belong to the Staff Grade Service, but they have to complete the probation period upon their return. The Staff Grade officers should have been confirmed in their service to be eligible.

No obligatory period of service will be prescribed for the leave with no pay granted under these provisions.

“The action to be taken for the implementation of the instructions of this circular in the provincial public service will be introduced by the Chief Secretaries of the Provincial Councils on the instructions and approval of the Governors.

“The Finance Ministry will issue instructions to make these provisions applicable to the officers serving in public enterprises operating on government funds,” the Circular stated.

The final decision on granting leave should be issued within one month from the date of application. The provisions of this circular are effective from September 5.

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