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Sri Lankan born Prashan’s dream comes true with painting of Queen Elizabeth II

Prashan’s portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.
Prashan’s portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

Sri Lankan born, Prashan Deeptha Kumara who has been domiciled in London, UK for the past 14 years had got a rare opportunity to do a colourful portrait of Queen Elizabeth II with the approval given by the Queen’s official staff.

Prashan Deeptha kumara

Speaking to the Daily News from London, Deeptha Kumara said although the portrait was viewed by the late Queen Elizabeth II, he was unable to meet Her Majesty due to her busy schedule.

“Although the Queen conveyed her gratitude to me through her official staff for doing this historic painting, I was anxiously awaiting her invitation to visit the world renowned Buckingham Palace and meet her until the day we heard about her sudden demise,” he said.

Born and bred at Bandaragama in the Kalutara District, Prashan began his illustrious career at a tender age of eight years and later migrated to the United Kingdom.

After doing thousands of portraits of local and internationally renowned personalities, Prashan had a dream of painting the portrait of one of the most respected iconic personalities in the world, Queen Elizabeth 11.

He said although he knew that it was a difficult task to reach the Queen who is loved and respected by hundreds of millions of people around the world, he tried to secure an invitation through the Sri Lankan High Commission in London on several occasions, but was not successful.

Prashan said that although he was unable to meet Queen Elizabeth II he met one of the officials in the Queen’s office and handed over the painting to him.

“I was also lucky to get an opportunity to visit Buckingham Palace as a special guest and according to palace officials I was the only Sri Lankan painter other than a Head of State or a diplomat who was invited officially to this prestigious ancient palace,” he said.

Prashan proudly said that Buckingham Palace informed him that the Queen’s portrait which is 56x4 inches is now displayed in a prominent place in Buckingham Palace where there are numerous other portraits painted by various international artists.

In addition, Prashan said during his days in Sri Lanka he conducted Art Exhibitions depecting the Sacred Dalada Maligawa, the Sri Maha Bodiya, Sigiriya, the Kandy and Bellanwila Peraharas and featuing many Sri Lankan religious dignitaries and famous personalities.

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