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Paddy farmers to be provided Rs.20,000 subsidy

The Finance Committee has approved the proposal presented by Agriculture, Wildlife and Forest Resources Conservation Minister Mahinda Amaraweera to provide a subsidy of Rs.20,000 to paddy farmers. The Minister has made this proposal to the Committee with the intention of encouraging the use of organic fertilizers in paddy cultivation during the 22/23 Maha Season.

The Department of Agriculture has recommended the use of 30 percent Organic fertilizers and 70 percent Chemical fertilizers for cultivation during the upcoming 2022/23 Maha Season.

The Government is to allocate Rs.6 billion for the purpose.

The Minister of Agriculture made these revelations at a ceremony organised by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization.

Minister Amaraweera also said that President Ranil Wickremesinghe has granted approval to issue a bag of Urea fertilizer weighing 50 kg for one acre to paddy farmers who use Chemical fertilizers this season for Rs.10,000.

Amaraweera said that permission would be granted only for the sale of quality Organic fertilizers. He said that not only the samples submitted for approval, but also all organic fertilizers provided to the farmers will be tested randomly at the agricultural service centres.

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