Over 24,000 inmates in 30 prisons - Commissioner | Daily News

Over 24,000 inmates in 30 prisons - Commissioner

The Department of Prisons is facing difficulties in maintaining the prisons due to the overcrowding, Commissioner Chandana Ekanayake said. All the 30 prisons in the country are capable of accommodating 13,200 inmates at a time but, currently there are 24, 000 inmates in these premises, he pointed out. It is an increase of nearly 180 per cent. Accordingly, the Government has to spend Rs.4.7 billion to provide them with meals for the year 2022 – 2023. Out of 24, 000 inmates, 15, 000 are suspects and 50 per cent of them have been remanded over drug-related charges.

The crowd in some prisons have increased by nearly 200 per cent, the commissioner pointed out. 

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