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When the days get hot, "Mistral" Air Coolers come to your rescue!

Are you looking for an efficient cooling method to pamper yourselves during these hot and sunny months? Take home a Mistral Air Cooler that provides you with the cool you desire, along with many additional benefits.

Did you know that Mistral Air Coolers can save you money and reduce the harmful impact on the environment?

Yes, it's true!

Experience fresh air all day thanks to the Anion function!

Mistral Air Coolers designed with the Anion Functionhelp improve indoor air quality. It reduces harmful substances such as allergens and bacteria in the air.

100% Copper Motor

Mistral Air Coolers crafted with 100% copper motors are durable and rust-proof. Copper supports superior electrical conductivity and enhances electrical energy effectiveness. Enjoy a cooler home with less energy!

Low Noise Levels

The highly energy-efficient motors in Mistral Air Coolers not only use less energy but also produce less noise too. Small in size, big on performance. The Mistral Air Coolers operate quietly without disturbing you.

Easily Portable

Enjoy the perfect cooling wherever you are in your home. Whether you are in your living room or bedroom, you can easily move your Mistral Air Cooler around with its built-in castors.

20L Unremovable Water Tank

The large capacity water tank of the Mistral Air Cooler helps to cool your home longer, so you don’t have to keep getting up from your seat to refill the tank. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy your cool home made possible by the Mistral Air Cooler.

More Sustainable

Mistral Air Coolers require less energy to operate and havea zero-carbon footprint on our environment.

No additional cost

Unlike an air conditioner, Mistral Air Coolers need no installation and can be easily maintained by the user.

Buy Mistral Air Coolers from Abans

With Mistral Air Coolers, you will never have to worry about hot summer days. Bring home your ultimate cooling buddy now!

Walk into any Abans Showroom or visit the Abans Online Store and shop for the best, feature-packed Mistral Air Coolers in town at the most economical prices.

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