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Probe to arrest woman who stole Rs. 7 Mn after befriending people through Facebook

The Police suspect that the young woman who stole gold jewellery and foreign currency worth Rs.7 million which was given for safekeeping to the Chief Incumbent of a temple in Kadugannawa by one of his relatives, is a person who steals money and gold after befriending people through her Facebook account. Police investigations have revealed that this young woman had been building a relationship with the relative of the Thera, who was working in Korea, through Facebook for a long time.

The Negombo Police recently started an investigation to arrest a woman who allegedly drugged the Chief Incumbent Thera of the temple in Kadugannawa and robbed gold jewellery and foreign currency worth more than Rs.7 million. The incident happened near the Negombo Courts recently.

In his complaint to the Police, the Thera has said a cousin of his who was working in Korea had come to Sri Lanka on September 15. He had gone from Kadugannawa in a jeep to pick him up.

The Thera’s cousin had been issued warrants earlier by Court due to non-appearance in a case pending in the Kandy Courts regarding a dispute that occurred before he went abroad.

According to a Court order in this regard, the Immigration Department had also been informed in this regard. Unaware of this, when the cousin came to Sri Lanka, the immigration officials took him into their custody and handed him over to the Katunayake Police.

After being produced before the Negombo Courts, he was remanded with the Court issuing an order to the Prison authorities to produce him before the Kandy Court regarding the warrant.

When the Thera’s cousin was remanded he had handed over the gold items including the necklace, rings and foreign money that he had to the Thera. The Thera had kept them in the jeep.

According to the Thera, his cousin had developed a relationship with a young woman while in Korea through Facebook. That young woman had also arrived at the airport when he came to Sri Lanka.

When the cousin was taken to Court, the young woman had gone to Court along with the Thera.

The Thera had told the Police that he and his driver were given two bottles of drinks by the girl. After his cousin was remanded, the Thera had brought the girl to Colombo. She had got down in Dematagoda.

However, the following day, the head of the temple came to the Negombo Police station and lodged a complaint that the gold and cash in the vehicle worth about Rs.7 million had been stolen.

The Thera has told Police that he became intoxicated after consuming the drink provided by the young woman near the Negombo Court and it is suspected that she committed the theft.

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