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Legal action against people collecting money promising Caregiver jobs in Israel - Manusha

Labour and Foreign Employment Minister Manusha Nanayakkara said that if any individual or group collects money with the promise of securing Caregiver jobs in Israel from job aspirants, legal action will be taken against those responsible.

“Regarding the accusations in this regard, an investigation will be conducted with international support and punishment will be initiated irrespective of the status of those found responsible,” he added.

The Minister also requested any alleged victims to submit complaints with relevant evidence without making unreliable accusations in this regard.

 He also mentioned that a complaint has been filed with the Criminal Investigation Department(CID) regarding these allegations.

The Minister said this while attending the distribution of air tickets for workers who are expected to leave for Caregiver jobs in Israel recently.

Addressing the media, the Minister said “the parties who do not know the operation procedure of the Israeli Caregiver Service are accused of charging a lot of money for this. First you need to register in the office. The group will be interviewed by the Israeli Embassy. They themselves update the information of those who fulfill the qualifications on the relevant website. Then only those who win through a lottery scheme operated by the Israeli Government will get job opportunities. Among these winners, the appropriate person to provide their service is chosen by the concerned elder. The one who is chosen can go to work”

He said the allegation is that some people are asking for money through phone calls from even those who have got selected for jobs.

“But the workers leaving for Israel have never said that they were spoken to or given money. But the minister, the bureau and the officials are accused of being involved in this. We ask all those people to file a proper complaint without making baseless accusations. If such a complaint is made, legal action will be taken against anyone who is accused, regardless of rank” he added.

“I clearly emphasize that no one who leaves for Caregiver jobs in Israel has to pay any money other than the Government fees. Do not pay any money to any party. Similarly, there are groups that are sent to Israel through illegal means. That is human trafficking. It’s like taking boats to Australia. Never fall for this scam. The Foreign Employment Bureau was informed to immediately complain to the CID about these reports published regarding Israeli jobs. We have asked for a full investigation into the accusations of taking money, and if necessary, even to go to Israel if necessary and intervene at the international level to apprehend this group, if there is such a group” he further said. 

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