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Fashion e-commerce aims to bring USD 5 Bn in next 5 years

There is great potential for promoting clothing fashion brands online which could bring much needed foreign revenue to the country. As a leader in the industry ‘GFLOCK’ aims to bring US Dollars 5 billion to the country during the next five years, CEO and founder of the clothing brand GFLOCK Ranil Willadarage said.

Speaking to the media, Willadarage said the online fast fashion brand GFLOCK will donate part of its earnings to the development of the country and welfare of the people.

“A large number of people from many international countries are already doing business with us. I invite the Sri Lankan expatriate community to do transactions with us. It will bring much needed foreign exchange to the country, which is in short supply. We have already planned to bring USD 5 billion to the country in the next five years. A part of the profit will be donated to the country’s development initiatives and for welfare initiatives”, he said.

While noting that GFLOCK is a platform that can conquer the world in the relevant sector he urged young local entrepreneurs to join it.

Willadarage went on to say that more and more young entrepreneurs should enter online apparel sales which will help introduce a system that can recover the country from where it has fallen.

“If we can sell our products to two million of the country’s population living abroad and to the foreigners of those countries, we can bring a large amount of dollars to this country annually”, he added.

Willadarage said his company’s brand name releases around 40 different styles to the market and added there are only three or four companies in the world with such capabilities in the field of ready-made garments.

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