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Officials to visite Washington for IMF talks

Representatives of the Sri Lankan government are slated to visit Washington D.C. again to discuss the proposed loan facility from the International Monetary Fund with senior IMF officials on October 6.

Sri Lanka, which is facing several economic challenges including dwindling foreign reserves has already reached a staff level agreement for an extended credit facility of US$ 2.9 billion.

It is stated that steps will be taken to provide this amount to Sri Lanka in eight installments over a period of four years.

A group of government representatives, including Central Bank Governor Dr.Nandalal Weerasinghe, are scheduled to participate in the talks that will begin on October 6 in Washington.

They will join the discussion with details on the agreements and progress of the restructuring programme related to foreign debt payments that the Sri Lankan government has temporarily suspended since April 12 this year. The Finance Ministry has already planned to present the progress and relevant facts of the debt restructuring programme on September 23.

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