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Cabinet nod to import Maize for animal food production

Cabinet approval has been granted to import maize for the production of animal food, Cabinet Spokesman Mass Media Minister Dr. Bandula Gunawardana said.

Addressing the media at the Government Information Department yesterday, Minister Gunawardana said that the annual requirement of maize for manufacturing animal food is approximately 600,000 metric tons while a dire scarcity prevails for maize within the market.

Although permits have been issued to import 225,000 metric tons of maize prior to December 31, 2022 through food production companies and animal food raw material marketers, only 38,000 metric tons have been imported by the end of June due to the shortage of foreign exchange. The price of a kilogramme of maize in the local market has escalated up to Rs.220 by now leading to the escalation of animal food as well resulting in the price hike of chicken and eggs too. It has been observed of an impending crisis in the animal husbandry sector in the future due to those engaged in poultry farming tend to sell eggs without breeding and stepping out of poultry farming.

Therefore, the Cabinet of Ministers granted approval for the resolution furnished by the Minister of Agriculture to grant permission to the Food Processing Board to import 25,000 metric tons of maize or any other suitable grains required for manufacturing animal food, recommended by the Department of Animal Production and Health.

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