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Two wives claim body of husband

An incident has been reported from Wellawa, where two wives have come forward to accept the dead body of a non-academic staff member of a school in Tangalle, Getmanne who killed himself by placing his neck on the railway track of the Yal Devi train.

This 36-year-old employee had placed his neck on the railway track of the Yal Devi train plying from Mount Lavinia to Kankesanturai and committed suicide on the morning of September 25 at Ganewatte area. This non-academic member was a resident of Wedella, Nikadalupotha, Kurunegala and had married twice also from Kurunegala.

The police said that he had not been divorced from his wife of first marriage and married the second woman and that there was a court case for the divorce in progress.

They also said that he had no children from his first marriage but had a small daughter from his second.

According to the police, he had been living in a rented-out house in Tangalle with this wife and child during week days and returned to his Nikadalupotha house on weekends.

They travelled to Tangalle on Sunday morning. On this morning, this individual had said he was having a urinary ailment and said he was going to meet an indigenous medical physician in Hiripitiya and left the house. It was then he had gone and committed suicide, according to the police.

He had left a note of five-lines saying he was going to commit suicide and stating that his wife and child were suffering, the police stated. They also said that he had written that he had only Rs.770 remaining in his wallet.

Investigations have revealed that he was working as a non-academic staff employee, which was not a permanent post and was living with much financial difficulties. However, the police said that he has lived without showing the difficulties he had.

The police say that both the wives came forward to receive the dead body during the post-mortem examination held yesterday (26) regarding this death. The coroner faced a problem as to which wife should the body be handed over and finally decided that even though there was a second marriage, he was not legally separated from the first marriage. Therefore, the first marriage is accepted by the law, so the dead body should be released to the first wife.

On this occasion the second wife had agreed and informed the wife of the first marriage to bear all expenses of the funeral. Then the first wife had said that since she could not afford to do so, the second wife should accept the body and allow her the opportunity to view the dead body.

Here, the coroner had informed the second wife to allow the first wife to pay her last respects to her husband not only once, but also during the last rites. The police said that both wives agreed to this proposition.

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