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A majestic event in Moratuwa

Mansions of educational twins celebrate 146th anniversary

Celebrations of 146th School Anniversary
Celebrations of 146th School Anniversary

Prince of Wales College and the Princess of Wales College in Moratuwa are the only Royal twins found in the entire globe, which denotes the British Royal family.

Incidentally they were also visited by the Royals, who bestowed their choicest blessings upon these renowned educational institutions decades back.

Few days back the brother school and the sister school, which were founded on the same day, on the same land, celebrated their 146th anniversary holding hands with the two old boys/girls unions, in a spiritual manner, enveloping the demise of the Late Queen Elizebeth II and the present economic condition of Sri Lanka.

Students of both schools donated stationery items to about thirty venerable Theras, who happily accepted their small gifts to be distributed among the less privileged schools in the Island.

With the hard efforts of the two Principals of the schools, namely Malani Samarakoon and Hasitha Kesara, it started with a Pirith Chanting Ceremony to invoke blessings upon the two schools.

On this day both schools organized a blood donation campaign and a free medical Centre.

They also made arrangements to feed the old mates of the Home for the Aged.

The history of the two schools glittered, when they were granted permission to sign the Condolence Book maintained at the British High Commission, just honouring the majestic names Prince of Wales and Princess of Wales.

Illangathi Fonseka a senior official of the college and the School Captain from the girls’ school and a high official of the boys’ school and the School Captain were granted that privilege.

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