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Constable held for possession of Kerala cannabis

Poonewa Police arrested a police officer for possession of two kilograms of Kerala cannabis on Saturday (24).

The suspect police officer has been engaged in a racket transporting Kerala cannabis brought to Jaffna from India by sea.

The police officer was arrested while transporting a stock of the drug in a SLTB bus bound to Colombo from Point Pedro.

According to police investigations, the constable was interdicted at an earlier time and rejoined the police service.

The police stated that the suspect has attempted to stop the Poonewa Police officers from searching his bag in which he had hidden Kerala cannabis, by showing his official identity card. The suspect is a resident of Galle and had been on duty leave when arrested. He has been remanded until he is produced before court on October 3.

During this special investigation launched by the Poonewa and Medawachchiya Police, two more persons transporting Kerala cannabis were arrested.

Among them was a prime suspect who transported the drug to Kandy. The suspects have been remanded until October 3. 

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