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Bill to control election campaign expenses

A proposal to limit election campaign expenses has been forwarded to the Cabinet and President Ranil Wickremesinghe by the Elections Commission.

Election Commission Chairman Nimal Punchihewa said expenses of election campaigns should be limited for a free and fair election as it has been noticed that certain candidates spend billions for election campaigns. Therefore it is important to have some limitations to election campaigns expenses, he said.

However Cabinet approval should be obtained for the relevant Bill prior to be implemented.

The purpose of this new Act is to control the excessive expenses incurred in order to get the votes of the candidates or political parties who are contesting in a poll. This situation a great injustice for most of other candidates, who are unable to bare such huge expenses.

The bill which has been prepared by the Legal Draftman’s Department based on the views and suggestions of the Elections Commission has received approval of the Attorney General. The Bill has also been recommended by the Parliamentary Special Select Committee appointed for the reform of election laws.

Once the Bill becomes an Act it will consist of laws to control election expenses, strengthen the representation of women and youth of nomination lists and facilitated voting for those who are not eligible to cast postal votes but are on duty on election days. Besides attention will be drawn to monitor and regulate media including private media as there are no provisions with the present Act to regulate all media.

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