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PM directs circular impeding marriage with foreigners be cancelled

Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardene yesterday instructed the Registrar General to cancel the circular that impedes the registration of marriages between Sri Lankans and foreigners.

Prime Minister Gunawardena in his capacity as Public Administration, Home Affairs,Provincial Councils and Local Government issued these directives to the Registrar General during the progress review meeting of the Ministry yesterday.

The Prime Minister said that the No 18 circular of 2021 issued by the Registrar General has imposed certain limitations and instructions were issued to cancel this circular to avert these impediments.

Accordingly, , prospective spouses should obtain a security clearance report from the Ministry of Defence and the Immigration and Emigration Department, and a self-declaration to verify the health status of the foreigner concerned. It was mentioned in the above circular that such a marriage should be performed only by additional registrars.

When registering a marriage between a foreign national and a Sri Lankan under the Marriage Registration (General) Ordinance, passports obtained by the foreign party, proof of civil status (divorce documents, widowhood documents as required) and birth certificate (date of birth) (if necessary for verification) documents alone are sufficient

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