Wildlife to get Rs.3710.5 mn from Budget 2023 | Daily News

Wildlife to get Rs.3710.5 mn from Budget 2023

Rs.3710.5 million has been allocated to the Wildlife and Forest Resources Conservation Ministry for activities such as wildlife and forest resources, ecosystem conservation, and development of national animal husbandry in the 2023 Budget.

Under this, the Wildlife Conservation Department has planned to build electric fences, prepare roads in national parks and mark boundaries, and conduct capacity development programs. Also, expanding the network of protected areas and declaring 11 protected areas, increasing the annual income by increasing tourism service income, implementing programs to increase the income generation of the community living in the vicinity of national parks, are among these programs. In order to control the human-elephant conflict, construction of electric fences and agricultural electric fences, expediting the payment of compensation to the people who have been harmed by wild elephants, releasing distressed elephants to the elephant shelter, are also to be done.

In order to increase the forest density, these provisions are to be used for planting trees on the sides of roads, planting trees in schools, government offices, private sector offices, religious shrines and conserving existing forests as well as lakes and ponds.



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