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Woman pickpocket nabbed, two accomplices flee

Gypsy group operating from Avissawella:

The leader of an organized group of female pickpockets who steal wallets and phones of bus commuters, has been caught by a passenger and handed over to the police yesterday (2).

One of three women who had boarded a private bus plying from Talawakelle to Hatton, at Kudagama, Hatton had picked the pocket of a young man travelling in the bus and stole his wallet containing Rs.65,000. Then the young man had caught the woman who stole his wallet and handed her over to the Hatton Police.

The woman suspect had immediately handed over the stolen wallet to the other young women who had boarded the bus with her and they had got off and fled.

The young man who lost his wallet had told police that money had been brought to be deposited in a bank. The woman suspect is a temporary resident of Avissawella and is a gypsy and the two other young women who had fled were members of the same group.

The Hatton police which is conducting investigations into this incident said they had received a number of complaints during the last few days that a large number of wallets and mobile phones of passengers and students travelling in buses had been stolen. The Hatton police has launched a search operation to take into custody the two young women who fled with the stolen wallet.


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