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Walking forward or backward

Today is January 2, 2023. The second day of another New Year. Yesterday was the dawn of the New Year. The year 2023 has provided a golden opportunity for every Sri Lankan to think long and hard about the future of himself / herself and well as the well-being of the country. Since yesterday was a Sunday, people had time to think. Let’s do what we have to do today, because when today and tomorrow become history, we cannot recall lost time.

As individuals we all have to face our own challenges and plans and overcome them. But many do not have plans and they only have challenges. It is a problem for many people. It becomes a serious problem when they represent a country which needs proper plans to make progress. Fortunately, at present we have a President who has vast experience in governing Sri Lanka and he has already shown positive results during his brief span as the President of Sri Lanka since July 21st last year (2022).

Unfortunately, no Opposition politicians seem to have any plans for Mother Lanka and their one and only objective is to capture power at any cost. They do not care about the damage and destruction they cause to this country in their quest for power. The hilarious part is that they act like they arrived from another planet and not from Sri Lanka. They act like they have never been in Government before. But, the Sri Lankan people know and remember their history very well.

It is so funny to see how some of them blame their leaders for what went wrong. But the people remember very well how they supported their leaders in the past.

The Sri Lankan people are no fools to demand for elections at this critical juncture. The people only demand is lower inflation and a reduction in the Cost of Living. What they want is to go back to their normal way of lives which existed before 2020.

They do not demand for anything else other than this. But without understanding this reality or pretending to be oblivious to the facts, Opposition politicians go ‘shopping’ for votes for the next election.

Last week one such politician went shopping for votes during a funeral held at a temple. The funeral was held at a temple because the bereaved were not allowed to conduct the last rites at the house they rented. When an Opposition politician arrived at this temple to attend the funeral, the Buddhist monk had chased him away stating that election campaigns should not be conducted at funerals.

This shows very clearly that Sri Lankans will not tolerate the cheap and desperate ‘acts’ of politicians any longer unlike in the bygone days. People see the reality now. Even though the politicians want elections; the ordinary people do not want them at this present juncture.

Fortunately, Sri Lankan people are intelligent enough and they know exactly what they want and what they do not want. They know what the politicians did and did not do over the past 74 years. Therefore, no politician, especially those who cannot come to power through democratic means will be able to mislead the people as they have done during the past 74 years. They therefore cannot bring the people to the streets as they did a few months ago.

People are now thinking of their future and finding ways and means for their families to overcome the current economic difficulties.

The so-called people's organisations will not be able to mislead intelligent people this year. It is only the brainwashed undergraduates who will be duped to come on to the streets by a very small political party with no political representation at all.

People will never support bankrupt political parties because they have already witnessed their behaviour during the past 74 years. Some of those crooks think that by now people do not remember the bloody violence of 1988/1989, but the people have long memories and will not be fooled by such groups.

The people and the Government should not give in to the middle men who do nothing for the betterment of the people or the economy. They are just like leeches that suck blood from the economy. Last week, Agricultural Minister Mahinda Amaraweera set a good example for this by offering people eggs at Rs. 55. It was the middle men who were very annoyed by his course of action. It is the very same thing with all the other products.

At least from this year all Sri Lankans should get rid of their ‘dependent mentality’ and seek solutions to their problems by themselves without waiting for the President and the Government to solve all the problems. This is because any President and any Government can solve problems only if people of this country work hard and honestly. Such hard working, dedicated people are found only in the private sector and are lacking in the public sector as well in politics. 

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