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Different types of New Year Resolutions

Today is the second day of the New Year. People may have already made their New Year Resolutions by now and some are probably thinking about it. It is good if they can make their New Year Resolutions that are practicable with the current situation in the country. People should make some new and different New Year Resolutions which they never made before.

We are talking about this topic today because of its connection to the country's future at this crucial juncture.

When considering the current situation in our country, we can point out certain very important New Year Resolutions for the people. But the people of this country should be a little bit selfless in order to adopt them without being extremely selfish as they did during the past 74 years. On the other hand, adopting those will definitely change their private lives as well. Therefore, no one can say the following New Year Resolutions are not suitable or useless for people or the country.

We, Sri Lankans can adopt a New Year Resolution which will change the future of our country as a whole. It is ‘I am working hard and honestly’. This New Year Resolution especially matches the public servants who did not work hard and honestly during the past 74 years. For a change, they can focus on completing their work load on time and without any blemish. They should not just spend eight hours per day for five days by merely putting the finger in the print machines or placing their signature in the attendance register. They can also avoid taking unnecessary leave and refrain from stealing public properties as they did before.

Another New Year Resolution that the people should make is not to resort to accepting or giving bribes. It is the ordinary people who should get rid of bribery and corruption. The people should not expect the President and the Government to do it because it is the ordinary people who resort to accepting or giving bribes in order to get things done and to avoid the formal procedures such as waiting in queues and lists. As long as the ordinary people offer bribes, bribery and corruption will exist in Sri Lanka. It is good to see Sri Lankans gradually assisting the authorities to bring to book those involved in accepting bribes.

The other New Year Resolution that can change the country's future for the better is ‘stop becoming slaves to politics’. This will have several positive effects for the entire country and the people as individuals. The first benefit will be reducing the mental pressure, hatred, jealousy etc. of ordinary people. The other benefit is people will be able to get a good night's sleep because they can switch off television by 8.30 or 9.00 pm. People can make their lives long and health by having a peaceful night’s sleep.

On the other hand, people can save electricity. The last benefit will be the wise decision people make when they cast their vote at an election. They should consider their life experiences before voting and not be misled by the lies told by politicians through television every night.

You can stop certain individuals such as individuals who sell religions, who sell myths, who sell all types of fake stuff etc, faith, confidence, assurance etc. robbing you of your hard earned money. According to this New Year Resolution, you need to resort to a very simple course of action. That is to stop believing in crooks not to be misled by them.

It can be religions, supernatural things, fake financial institutions, fake businesses, etc. No need to believe anyone or anything other than State institutions, State officials, reputed private institutions with over five decades of history, etc. If you do this you will not need to spend your valuable time and money on streets taking part in various protests etc. and begging politicians to solve your problems. The other thing is, it is your own power which will make you strong. People just get ‘mental strength’ by hanging into someone or something during difficult times to satisfy themselves.

There is another New Year Resolution which is connected to the above one. That is ‘protecting you from the mass media and social media’. First of all this will save all your hard earned money. It will do your health a world of good if you become the less dependent on the mass media and social media.

You will make more accurate decisions when you become less dependent on social media and certain sections of the main stream media. Your mind and brain can have more space to process what is essential when you less dependent on social media which misleads and spreads fake thus creating a negative effect on society.

The Rupees from your bank account will stop flowing into the accounts of youtubers who fill your mind with rubbish. In another way you can get rid of watching youtube programmes which offer nothing but dirt and gossip about others. For example, recently one popular businessman died/killed and his death/murder has been used by various youtubers and all mass media and social media in order to earn money. The ordinary people get nothing by receiving information about this death. The only use of the information is that rich businessmen and all the others can avoid such deaths by avoiding such circumstances. No use of any information connected to the death other than this.

For youngsters, a New Year Resolution can be made in order to protect themselves from all types of crooks. They can make a New Year Resolution, such as refraining from using pornography and other lewd content. This will protect the lives and create less problems for the majority of youngsters and society in general. Parents, guardians and teachers should guide the children along the right path.

There is another New Year Resolution which can be attractive for many. It is changing the system of yourself and your home. For example, you can give your children something to eat during the school interval and request them not to eat anything given to them by outsiders. This will protect them from all types of diseases and also from the illicit drug ‘ICE’.

But unfortunately, the present day children listen to all except their beloved parents. First of all, the parents should change this sick system and make sure that their children are obedient to them only. If an outsider can win the heart of your child, it is your problem and not the problem of your child or that outsider.

This year we can stop buying non essential food and other items advertised over the television. Parents can train their children to eat beans without adding artificial cancerous substances. You should not fall prey to various advertising gimmicks where you find some actress, cricketer or any other public figure showcasing a particular brand. We should think of healthy substitutes to the use of powdered milk.

The other most important New Year Resolution can be focusing on what you should do and what you should not do while totally ignoring what others should do and what others should not do. This is because you cannot control others but you can control yourself. In addition, you can connect this with the present situation of the country. For example, you can avoid night travel because there are drunk drivers, thieves, criminals etc. everywhere. You can make a list, plan the day and finish your outside work by 6.30 or 7.00 pm. Then you need to go out at night only for something essential. This will be an investment because you can avoid accidents, crimes etc. by doing so. You work, you earn and you eat. Only the blessings or curses come free of charge. 

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