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Parents should pay proper attention to children - Justice Minister

Justice Minister Wijayadasa Rajapakshe,PC said that some parents who do not pay proper attention to their children and do not take care of them properly, blame the respective Governments and politicians saying that they do not control the flow of drugs.

He said that at a time when various nefarious forces are operating with the aim of causing social destruction, we must organise ourselves to protect ourselves from them or there will not be a future generation left.

The Minister was speaking at the felicitation of Chief Sanghanayake of Western Province of the Udarata Amarapura Chapter and Chief Incumbent of Vivekaramaya, Wadduwa and Ashoka Ramaya in Gampola Most Ven. Nelumdande Wimalasara Thera at the Vivekarama in Wadduwa on Saturday.

Minister Rajapakshe said that of the 26,600 prison inmates at present, seventy-five percent of them are imprisoned on drug related charges like dealing with heroin and ‘ice’. “Otherwise, the country will have less than 5,000 people in prison. Present day society has collapsed.

It is not only our Buddhist Order that is being attacked, but the entire society. This is happening in an organised manner,” he said.

The Minister added that Buddhist temples play a pivotal role in this respect. “If you want to raise a child who respects the mother and father, the children should be sent to the Daham schools,” the Minister added.

“You can’t equate education and intelligence. You can get education from school and books. But you can’t get intelligence. You have to get intelligence from religion,” he said. 

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