A year of hardship for the common man - SJB | Daily News

A year of hardship for the common man - SJB

SJB National Organizer Tissa Attanayake, yesterday said that the people have reached a situation where they cannot eat even a piece of milk rice for the new year. Speaking to the media, Attanayake said that the economy of the country has collapsed.

“I don’t think that 2023 will become a better year. Every step taken by the government in 2022 ended with more pressure being put on the people.

He said that the government should have a proper plan to go forward by rectifying the mistakes that had occurred in 2022. “The government lacks such kind of plans and more pressure will be exerted on the common mass, he said.

“By now food inflation has increased by one hundred percent. The amount of goods that the common people can get with money has come down drastically. When the value of money declines and income decreases, how can a good situation arise,” he queried.

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