Pope Benedict was first Pontiff to resign in 600 years

VATICN CITY: Former Pope Benedict XVI, who became Pope in 2013 and who died on Saturday aged 95 was the first Pontiff to resign as Head of the Catholic Church since the Middle Ages, the Vatican announced. The German Pope Emeritus had been living a quiet life in a former convent inside the Vatican grounds since his shock decision to step down in February 2013. - INDIA TODAY


South Koreans mistake secret rocket launch for UFO

SOUTH KOREA: Hundreds of people called police in South Korea after fearing that a rocket test-fired by the military was a UFO or North Korean missile attack, a report said. The South Korean defence ministry had kept the launch a secret. Following, the scare, it explained that they’d been test-firing a solid-fuelled rocket. - THE HINDUSTAN TIMES


Syria records lowest annual death toll since war began

SYRIA: At least 3,825 people have died in Syria’s war in 2022, the lowest yearly toll since the start of the conflict more than a decade ago, a war monitor said on Saturday. After years of deadly battle and bombardments following the brutal suppression of 2011 anti-regime protests, the conflict has largely abated in the last three years. - THE BANGKOK POST


Fifteen dead in Mexico bus crash

MEXICO: Fifteen people are dead and 47 are being treated for their injuries after a bus carrying holiday season tourists flipped on a highway in Mexico’s Pacific coast state of Nayarit, authorities said on Saturday. It is not unusual for friends, relatives or neighbours in Mexico to pool their money to rent a bus for beach vacations. - THE HINDUSTAN TIMES 

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