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Seylan ranked No. 1 at LMD’s Customer Survey

Seylan Bank was recently ranked as Number One for the fourth consecutive year in LMD’s Customer Excellence Survey.

This achievement stands as a testament to the emphasis placed on customer service, throughout the Bank’s 34 years of operations. Over the years, Seylan Bank has decoded its ‘The Bank with a Heart’ tagline to holistically understand customer requirements and offer them relevant financial solutions.

Seylan Bank Deputy Chief Executive Ramesh Jayasekara said, “In an industry where all products offered to customers are comparatively the same, service is the key differentiator when it comes to banking products.

At Seylan Bank, a customer-first policy is deeply instilled in every employee, as part of our DNA. We are elated to see our efforts towards great customer service pay off every year, given that this is the fourth time we have ranked as the Number One,” Seylan Bank pursues not just customer service quality but customer experience management through various initiatives. By managing and mapping the customer experience journey at every step of the way, the Bank ensures to build loyalty among customers in the long run.

A dedicated Customer Experience Management team has laid out multiple tools to ensure effective execution of the Bank’s 360 degree approach to enhance customer service.

From surveys to benchmarking competitors and internal audits, Seylan Bank continues to do everything possible to maintain the highest standards of customer experiences.

As Seylan Bank looks towards a promising future, the Bank will focus its efforts on providing not only the best possible service, but also providing solutions, rather than simply selling products.

The Bank will remain proactive, and the management will continue to be empowered to take quick decisions on ground, and expand to areas which support the economy and the organisation’s profitability.

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