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Kenneth Perera remembered

Thank you for being a part of my life and calling me your friend. I hope you know now how much it meant and still means to me.

I miss you a lot, which I am sure you know. There were no words at all and writing this is hard, because there is still so much pain when I think of you. I will never forget you and everyday I am thankful for your love and friendship.

I remember all the times you and I had together from home to school and from tuition class to home in the night. Thank you for being an amazing friend.

I may carry guilt for the reason you are not here but I know that there was a greater plan for you to go so soon. People say that only the good die young, with you that is the truth. You were the best person I had ever met. You made an impact just through your smile to so many people. When I think of your smile, it makes me so happy because your smile was brighter than the North Star in the dead of the night.

Logically death means our loved ones never grow a year older but their birthday continues to happen year after year. My dearest friend is celebrating his 75th birthday on 4th January in heaven.

Though you are not here, we still wanted to celebrate your birthday and remember all the good times. I will never forget your birthday. Until we meet again, Happy Birthday in Heaven.

You loved God more than anything else in life. Your dearest wife Priyani was not just a great companion to you but also a wonderful wife. Nothing can ever replace the amazing person I knew you as a husband to be. I can’t express how much your son Milinda will miss you. Kenneth was truly an incredible father and a friend full of love, sincerity and joy and Milinda will be immensely missed his father.

Kenneth was an amazing friend, husband, father and exceptional human being. A great Soul.

May he Rest in Peace.

- Your ever loving dearest friend Lalin 

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