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Suspect, Policeman arrested with firearm used to hunt deer

Wildlife Officers in Wilpattu arrested a suspect along with venison which had been hunted using a firearm given by a Police officer attached to the Thanthirimale Police station on Sunday (1), Police said.

“The suspect had killed the deer which is a protected animal near the Wilpattu National Park. A T-56 weapon along with a magazine with live ammo was also taken into custody along with the suspect,” Police said.

The suspect confessed to the Police that the firearm he had used to kill the animal was given by a Police officer and accordingly, the SSP of Anuradhapura through the ASP of Thanthirimale had ordered the Mahawilachchiya Police to investigate the involvement of the particular Police officer in this incident.

Meanwhile, the Police Constable who is said to have given his official firearm to the suspect was also arrested by the Mahawilachchiya Police yesterday.

Police are yet to arrest another suspect who had fled the scene when the Wildlife Officers arrested the main suspect.

The arrested suspect and the Police officer were to be produced before the Anuradhapura Magistrate Court yesterday. Police are investigating.

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