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Kanjipani Imran planning to enter Pakistan - Intelligence sources

According to the information received by the country’s intelligence agencies, Najeem Mohammed Imran alias Kanjipani Imran, who is a leading drug trafficker in the country has fled to India and is preparing to enter Pakistan from there.

Intelligence sources say that Kanjipani Imran, who had gone to Rameswaran in India on December 25 by sea from Mannar, has very close links with drug traffickers in Pakistan.

The intelligence agencies also say those drug traffickers are closely associated with international terrorist organisations.

Intelligence agencies have informed the authorities that there is a suspicion that Kanjipani Imran has already fled to Pakistan and the information is being sought in this regard.Pakistan has been chosen by Kanjipani Imran as a safe place to hide because the Indian Security Forces have launched an operation to arrest the underworld criminals from Sri Lanka who have fled to India.

Indian intelligence agencies too are said to be on alert to Kanjipani Imran’s entry to that country.

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