“Taliban ban temporary, but impact will be extremely high” | Daily News

“Taliban ban temporary, but impact will be extremely high”

Following a decision by the Taliban regime to ban women from working at non-governmental organisations, four major international aid groups suspended their operations in Afghanistan on Sunday.

Neil Turner, country director, Norwegian Refugee Council for Afghanistan, while calling the ban ‘temporary’, said it “can, unfortunately, have a high impact”.

He also called on the Taliban to keep the promises it made, particularly with regard to girls’ education and in terms of the right of women to be able to work.

“The Norwegian Refugee Council has made the decision to suspend the operations in Afghanistan because the Taliban has introduced a ban on female staff working for international organisations.

We have been forced to do this on principle because women should be allowed to work, but also practical because we cannot work or we cannot access the women who need our assistance unless we have female colleagues working with us,” Turner said in an interview with ANI. (ANI)

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