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Hockey great Thangavelu dies

P. Thangavelu country's oldest Hockey Player, coach, umpire and administrator who celebrated his 99th birthday in December passed away on Tuesday and his funeral will take place today at the Mahiyawa General cemetery at 12.00pm. He is a person who did what he loves, for hockey as a player, coach, umpire and administrator.

He has played the game for over 50 years, there have been many different reasons he loved this game. He was the Kandy’s oldest living hockey player, coach, umpire, and the man who helped many players as a coach and did a good job as a hockey promoter.

He started his studies at St. Anthony’s College in 1937 and continued later at St. Sylvester’s College. In 1941 after leaving school he joined the staff of St. Sylvester’s College as Bursar and after retirement in 1983 he joined St. Anthony’s College staff as a Bursar accountant and retired in 2009 after twenty five years of service. For his good social and sports work he was appointed a Justice of peace in 1991.


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