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Coca-Cola Sri Lanka introduces returnable glass bottles to consumers

Lakshan Madurasinghe, Regional Lead Public Affairs, Communications and Sustainability (Sri Lanka, Maldives, Nepal and Bhutan), Thamari Senanayake,  Director Communications & Sustainability (Sri Lanka), Deepak Senthil Nath, Managing Director of Coca-Cola Beverages Sri Lanka Ltd, Pankaj Sinha, Managing Director of Coca-Cola Sri Lanka & Maldives, Anoja Ratnasabapathy,  Country Marketing Lead (Sri Lanka & Maldives), Sara Kaur, Coca-Cola, Director Communications India & South West Asia.

Coca-Cola Sri Lanka is introducing Large Returnable Glass Bottles (LRGB) named as the ‘Big Buddy Pack’ with a new design and a refreshed look to enhance the experience and provide an affordable option to consumers. The new Big Buddy Bottle is positioned to be both good for the pocket as well as the planet.

The Coca-Cola glass bottle possesses one of the most renowned shapes in the world thanks to its iconic contour fluted lines. It has been acclaimed globally as a design classic and celebrated in art, music and advertising for decades. The contour-shaped bottle will always be associated with Coca-Cola, but the company continues to innovate and evolve to meet its consumer needs.

As a total beverage company, Coca-Cola is providing more choices to consumers when selecting the type and size of packaging to suit their lifestyle and occasion. Amidst the challenging economic times in Sri Lanka, the LRGB Big Buddy Pack ensures consumers can enjoy Coca-Cola at an affordable price point and the Big Buddy with 0.75 litre of beverage.

Coca-Cola Sri Lanka and the Maldives Managing Director Pankaj Sinha stated, “The Coca-Cola Company’s purpose is to refresh the world and make a difference. We offer responsible choices to our consumers by curating a portfolio of meaningful brands and flavours including reduced or sugar free options through a variety of convenient packaging sizes.”

Coca-Cola Sri Lanka has steadily built up its product portfolio over the years with the aim of providing responsible choices to consumers. Its carefully curated brands include the Classic Coke, Sprite and Fanta, all of which are now available in a variety of convenient packaging sizes - RGB, PET and now LRGB. Coca-Cola has also delivered innovation of flavors to consumers through Fanta Cream Soda, Fanta Portello and its selection of reduced or sugar-free beverages such as Coke Zero and Kinley Soda.

Coca-Cola Beverages Sri Lanka Ltd, Managing Director Deepak Senthil Nath stated, “All Coca-Cola LRGB bottles are transparent, making the appearance sleeker and cleaner. They are more convenient for consumers to return after. With one bottle being able to be refilled multiple times, it makes glass bottles a re-useable form of packaging.”

The Coca-Cola Company celebrates 61 years in Sri Lanka having first launched in the island in 1961. During the past six decades the company has won the hearts and minds of millions of consumers through the introduction of Trademark Coca-Cola, followed by a wide range of other brands. Coca-Cola has invested in the future of its business, demonstrating long-term commitment to the island nation by investing as much as US$ 99 million over the past two decades.


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