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CSCEC Helps Remote Villagers in Times of Need

“It is a surprise to receive such help for the New Year. I’m grateful,” said Gayan Maduranga, a villager in Maradankadawala, North Central Province.

On the morning of December 27th,2022“Ceylon Dream Makers ,”the young volunteers service team of CSCEC Sri Lanka ,came to the village to “Light Up Life& Witness Happiness,” as their mission statement goes, and donated living supplies and stationeries to the villagers, students and teachers of Ihalakaagama Primary School, bringing happiness to over 100 families. TVDerana covered the event.

Maradankadawala is a typical farming village. In the prevailing economic crisis, Gayan Maduranga lost his job earlier this year, and, without income, it’s getting difficult to put food on the table, not to mention pay the electricity bill. CSCEC brought him solar power lamps, rice and cooking oil.

As a reputed international contract or having operated in Sri Lanka for years, CSCEC has been actively performing its social responsibilities to build a Community with a Shared Future for Mankind. In order to help those most in need, CSCEC’s volunteers inspected four villages in different provinces. In addition to the daily necessities such as rice and cooking oil, they imported ad hoc solar lamps from China, considering the frequent power cut the village has been experiencing.

“These items are exactly what our teachers and students need,” said Mr. S.P.M Karunathilaka, the Principal of Ihalakaagama Primary School. The school has been serving two villages nearby for nearly 90 years, and Mr. Karunathilaka has worked here for over 14 years. “We rarely received donations in the past, and this time the donation helps the most. It happened just a few days before the school started on the New Year's Day. We appreciate China State Construction’s thoughtfulness,” he added.

During the activity, villagers, teachers and students sent blessings by lighting up traditional oil lamps, and expressed their gratitude through dancing and singing. Lanbao, the mascot of CSCEC, was very popular with the students, and their interaction obviously brought hearts closer.

“China State Construction extended a helping hand when Sri Lanka encountered crisis and difficulties. Sri Lanka and China have helped each other and the friendship has grown stronger over time.”Mahesh Jayawardena, the head of the Charity Channel of Drana TV, said.

“China State Construction wishes to grow and develop together with Sri Lanka in the long run toward common prosperity,” opined Mr. Cheng Huaqiang, the Deputy General Manager of CSCEC Sri Lanka. “During the economic crisis, we have managed to continue performing our contractual obligations in good faith while do our best to help local people in need, thus contributing to the win-win cooperation of nations within the BRI framework."

The young volunteers service team “Ceylon Dream Makers” was established in 2017. It relies on the projects, and insists on carrying out charitable public welfare activities in this country. It has benefited more than 6,000 people, including the elderly, school teachers and students, employees in difficulties, disaster-stricken people, and disabled people around the project sites.





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