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Conductor and driver remanded in Bus accident

Conductor and driver remanded in Bus accident

Magistrate Chandana Kalansuriya ordered to remand a bus conductor, who was driving a bus without a driving licence until January 6, after being produced before the magistrate court and the court also remanded bus driver for causing serious injuries to a 24-year-old man in Moragahahena town.

Bastian Vaduge Ranjan Jayasinghe a resident of Millawa, Moragahahena, Yahalakele Watta and Susil Padmasiri a resident of Millawa Polwatthewa Watta Road, who work in a private bus on Route No. 127 Moragahahena - Piliyandala, were remanded.

In addition, the magistrate further ordered that the driving license of the suspected bus driver be kept in the custody of the court until the end of the trial. Police investigations revealed that the two suspects had taken the bus to Kiriwatthuduwa to clean it and then the driver has given it to the conductor to drive the bus on the way to Moragahahena town.

The police say that the bus that rammed into a person standing on the road near the bus stop in Moragahahena town had stopped after hitting a pile of dirt.

The victim’s legs were seriously injured and he was hospitalized. The suspected conductor and the driver were brought to court under five charges and three charges respectively.


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