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PC arrested over rape charges in Jaffna

A police constable who is said to have intimidated and raped a young woman for more than a year has been arrested on Tuesday (3)  evening by the officers of Point Pedro Police.

A 31-year-old police officer from Point-Pedro, Puloli village, who was attached to the Murunkan Police Station, was arrested.

According to the police, this constable was arrested on the 30 following a complaint made by a 19-year-old girl residing near the Devamata temple in Point Pedro Thumpale.

During questioning, the police constable has said that he has had a love affair with the young woman and as a result, on a day in July 2021, on the consent of the two, both were sexually engaged. The girl who had complained against the constable has told the police that he and his friend raped her after showing her the photos taken when they were together. Investigations have revealed that the friend is not a police officer.

Police said that this young woman was not a minor when she was raped with the police officer and that all this happened after her 18th birthday.

The Point Pedro police state that this police constable named Paramananda Rasa Suresh will be presented to court.


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