“Drug menace must be eliminated for safety of women and children” | Daily News

“Drug menace must be eliminated for safety of women and children”

Women and Child Affairs State Minister Geetha Kumarasinghe said that women and children will face a very dangerous situation unless we all take a collective decision to do away with narcotics.

“We will work together as a Ministry for drug prevention,” she said.

The State Minister expressed these views while participating in a ceremony held at the State Ministry to start the duties in the year 2023.

She also said that it is better to die working instead of dying without working. Therefore all are duty bound to give the maximum contribution to the country, she said.

“A lot of work was done in the Ministry of Culture last season. I was transferred to the State Ministry of Children and Women’s Affairs while planning to implement the future work of the Ministry of Culture. However I am very happy to have been transferred to this place,” she added.

State Minister Kumarasinghe said that she had a special discussion with the US Ambassador recently. The Ambassador said that she will help to eliminate malnutrition in children in the country. Children suffering from severe malnutrition and 300,000 pregnant women will be paid a sum of Rs. 4,500 each to get a nutritious meal.

The State Minister also said that it is our responsibility to ensure that healthy babies are born.

Secretary of the Ministry Yamuna Perera and a group of officials participated.


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