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‘Basnayake Nilame’ title misused by some - Association

The title of ‘Basnayake Nilame’ is being fraudulently used by various individuals to commit dishonest acts, Kandy Pattini Devale Basnayaka Nilame and All-Island Basnayaka Nilames’ Association Chairman Hemantha Bandara said.

He said ‘Basnayaka Nilames’ are only appointed to 31 Devales, coming under the purview of the Temporalities Ordinance, but now there are around 100 people, who are acting as ‘Basnayake Nilames’.

“In the guise of Basnayake Nilames, some of them engage in various irregular acts, also deceiving the Maha Sanga, politicians and the public. The names of real Basnayake Nilames appear in the Government Gazette and the documents of the Archives Department. As an Association, we condemn the abuse of this traditional and honorary title, which has a set of inherited responsibilities. The law should be strictly implemented against the bogus Basnayake Nilames,” he said.


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