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Vacancies in Teachers’, Principals’ services to be filled soon - Minister

Nationwide exam for teacher recruitments in future

Education Minister Dr. Susil Premajayantha said that moves are under way to fill the vacancies in the teachers’ and principals’ services promptly. 

He said so when he was asked whether the teaching and learning process of school system will be hampered by the scarcity of teachers and principals following the retirement of 12,000 teachers on December 31.

He added that 22,000 graduates out of 53,000 recruited as development officers to the government service, have been placed in schools. Of these 22,000 graduates, those who have fulfilled required qualifications mentioned in the Teachers’ Service Ordinance will be recruited to the Teachers’ Service after being subjected to a proper training. “These graduates with a recognized degree, who have not been placed through formal training, can join the Teaching Service. An exam will be conducted to recruit graduates to the Teachers’ Service” he said.

Instead of the exams conducted at the provincial level, arrangements are being made to conduct a nationwide exam for teacher recruitments, he added.

“When recruiting at the provincial level, only those who have been in the respective province at least for three years can apply. Otherwise the vacancies in remote areas will never be filled. Due to conducting exams across the country, it is possible to join the service of a school in any area of the applicants’ choice. Also, the districts that are unable to fill the shortage of teachers can make relevant appointments from the districts where there are more graduates. Cabinet approval has been obtained for this,” the Minister added. It has been scheduled to conduct this exam quickly and issue the results in the provincial level. Interviews are held at the zonal level and appointments are made accordingly. Also, it can be balanced the shortage of teachers to a considerable extent by the time the first school term of 2023 begins in March. Moreover about 6,000 pass-outs from Colleges of Education will be appointed to the teachers’ service. “Altogether around 35,000 people will be able to get teacher appointments,” he added.

The Minister who further commented said that due to an interim order, the appointment of principal (Grade 3) was delayed.

“The case was settled on the December12. Thus, we will have the opportunity to fill 5,800 principal vacancies by the first school term of next year from the people who have appeared and passed the Principals’ Service exams,” he said.


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