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Brigadier Gamini Rienzi Jayasinhe

‘The Best Father in the World’

Appachchi, I wish to pen a few words on your 95th Birth Anniversary. I am ever grateful to be blessed with one of ‘THE BEST FATHERS IN THE WORLD’, rather ‘THE BEST’.

His simplicity was what kept me attracted to follow his instructions and honour him as my father. He was a source of strength, a teacher, a guide, an advisor, and the finest of friends. He was the embodiment of love, faithfulness and sacrificial giving.

From our younger days, he instilled in our minds the importance of living a Buddhist life. Discipline was utmost important to him as a father.

He was forthright and fearless and would bring no corruption. He never deviated from calling it as he saw it and stood firmly for what was right. His ethics were formidable; no one could even question his dedication and sense of responsibility to his job.

He was a real source of knowledge on any topic under the sun. I remember being amazed by his knowledge of world affairs, history and politics. I also remember him for his resilience and resourcefulness.

Our greatest times were spent on shopping for books, when he used to take me to the book shops around Colombo. From my childhood he encouraged me to read and develop a thirst for knowledge, which I did with him as my role model. I thank him for instilling a love of reading in me. In isolation reading and books have been a great help to me.

He had a big influence when I was growing up and made the biggest impact in my life.

Losing him was hard but losing both parents within a short span of three years, there are no words to describe the emotions. The sacrifices he and my mother made to make a better tomorrow are numerous and appreciated very much.

His simple way of life, undaunting nature, kindness and generosity towards people are what I am left with most today.

I miss the quality time I spent with him. “May his journey through Sansara be very short and may he attain the Supreme bliss of Nirvana.”

- Harshini Jayasinhe



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